• Steroids: Do They Work and Are They Safe?
    “Legal steroids” is a catch-all term for muscle-building supplements that don’t fall under the category of “illegal.”

    Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are synthetic (manufactured) versions of the male sex hormone testosterone. These are sometimes used illegally.

    People who have muscle wasting or testos…[Citește mai mult]

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Drip Irrigation
    Drip Irrigation is a kind of micro irrigation system that saves water but at the same time ensures that water reaches the roots of the plants. It works to drip slowly. Drip Irrigation can work from both above or under the surface of the soil. It works effectively to ensure that all your plants get…[Citește mai mult]

  • Why Should I Choose a Diesel Powered Engine or Generator?
    How Does a Diesel Engine Work?

    Diesel Engine Powering a Generator Set

    In today’s world, where fuel prices are increasing as a consequence of spiraling demand and diminishing supply, you need to choose a cost-effective fuel to meet your needs. Thanks to the invention of Rudolph Diesel, the…[Citește mai mult]

  • Conveyor Belt Materials
    They must be durable, long lasting and resistant to a wide range of temperatures, moisture and chemicals.

    There are five main materials that conveyor belts are made out of: thermoplastics, metal, rubber, fabric and leather. Plastics include polyester, polyvinyl chloride, silicone and polyethylene. The metals are stainless…[Citește mai mult]

  • Herbal Extracts
    Since ancient times, plants have been used as herbal medicines. Ayurveda has a 5000 years old rich heritage of the use of plants in the treatment of various human ailments as alternative medicines. Herbal extracts are primarily added to the cosmetic formulations due to several associated properties such as antioxidant,…[Citește mai mult]

  • Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?
    Tradition dictates that the man gets down on one knee and, in a grand and romantic fashion, asks the woman he loves to marry him and presents her with a diamond ring. He gets a wedding band at the exchange of vows, but what about the time in between? Do men wear engagement rings, too?

    The answer might actually be a…[Citește mai mult]

  • Is there a difference between LP and natural gas regulators?
    Propane regulators and natural gas regulators are not interchangeable, though they both operate in the same fashion. A natural gas regulator is comprised of five components: set screw, spring, rod, diaphragm and valve.

    Are all pressure regulators the same?

    Are All Gas Grill Regulators…[Citește mai mult]

  • Advantages Of Screen Printing With Water-Based Inks

    Although plastisol inks have come a long way in the sense that the vast majority are phthalate-free nowadays, they are still not the most eco-friendly option. Plastisol ink is made by mixing PVC resin and plasticizer together. We won’t go too much into the chemistry here, but…[Citește mai mult]

  • How to Make Wine Labels
    If you make your own wine, or simply want to spruce up a wine bottle for a party, you can make wine labels with two Microsoft programs: Microsoft Office and Microsoft Publisher. These programs allow you to customize your own wine labels with text and graphics. Impress your guests with your own bottle of wine customized to…[Citește mai mult]

  • How To Install LED Strip Lights On The Ceiling
    Here’s the most exciting guide you’ve been looking for. How to make your dream LED RGB room come to life!

    Here, you will find tips on the best place to put your LED strip lights, a step-by-step guide to doing so, and alternate setups.

    You can install LED strip lights around your ceiling by measuring…[Citește mai mult]

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