• A scaffold is a temporary structure erected to support access or working platforms. Scaffolds are commonly used in construction work so workers have a safe, stable work platform when work cannot be done at ground level or on a finished floor.

    Scaffolding means the individual components, for example tubes, couplers or frames and materials that…[Citește mai mult]

  • Offering a reliable way to connect pipe systems with the various equipment, valves, and other components of virtually any processing system, flanges are the second most used joining method after welding. Using flanges adds flexibility when maintaining piping systems by allowing for easier disassembly and improved access to system components.

    A…[Citește mai mult]

  • With our lives becoming more fast-paced, it’s no surprise that disposable vapes have become exceedingly popular. Nowadays we seem to be always on the go trying to make the most out of our day by doing as much as possible at once, including simple things such as eating, drinking and of course vaping.

    What is a Disposable Vape?

    Disposable vapes…[Citește mai mult]

  • Beta Carotene is a compound that gives vivid yellow, orange, and red coloring to vegetables. The body converts Beta Carotene into vitamin A (retinol). Vitamin A, known as a vital nutrient for vision, plays a critical role in cell growth and in maintaining healthy organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

    Beta Carotene, which gets its name from…[Citește mai mult]

  • Machining of brittle materials is a complex process where crack propagation and fracture risk has to be taken into account in order to improve workpieces lifespan. Machined brittle material workpieces have application in a wide variaty of technology fields, such as civil engineering, transports technology, or optics.

    Grinding with a Glass…[Citește mai mult]

  • Metal powders are used in many manufacturing techniques in order to produce metal parts. Use of metal powders eliminates waste in comparison with traditional machining and is versatile in creating a variety of metal and alloy components. Metal powder technologies are at the forefront of the progressive era of a smarter and greener…[Citește mai mult]

  • They populate the sides of quiet suburban streets, stand at busy intersections and loom large over multi-lane highways. But the traffic signs you see aren’t merely aesthetic. They’re there to warn you of potential dangers and to give important instructions that will keep you, your passengers and other road users safe.

    Why are Traffic Signs…[Citește mai mult]

  • A protective device that is used to protect the electrical power system from surges caused by lightning is known as surge arrester. It includes two terminals like high voltage and ground. Once an electric surge travels through the surge arrester from the power system, then a huge voltage current can travel to the insulation directly otherwise to…[Citește mai mult]

  • In chemistry, we call the separation of solids and liquids filtration. In the filtration operation, filter paper is indispensable to filter out solids and liquids.

    What is Filter Paper?

    The filter paper for laboratory use is one of the common lab consumables. It is normally round in shape and made from cotton fiber and used to filter…[Citește mai mult]

  • The steady advancement of technology affects every industry, but none more so than the printing industry. Since the Printing Press was invented there has been a constant effort to improve productivity and efficiency. Because of this demand, the printing industry has always been on the leading edge of the technology curve.

    The latest advancement…[Citește mai mult]

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